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Pilates. Barre. FLOW. 

Unlock your inner roar, fall back in love with your body

Breathing is the best exrercise

About Flow to Fit™

A method to connect, flow and embody 

8 weeks personalised program to help you unlock your inner roar, falling back in love with your body and stay in feel good weight. 

We offer:
Personalized Coaching: Tailored guidance to address your goals, challenges, and aspirations.

Mindful Exercise: Experience the power of Pilates and barre to sculpt and tone your body while targeting the right muscle groups during each phase of your cycle.

Conscious Diet: Nourish your body with a balanced and nutrient-rich diet that supports hormonal health.

Menstrual Cycle Awareness: Understand your cycle, harness its energy, and make informed choices for improved performance and body confidence.


About Barre Junction

Where strength meets flexibility,
high intensity meets meditation

Barre Junction is created for women by women. We honor the amazing 28-day clock we are born with, and we tailor Pilates and Barre-inspired exercises for different phases of your cycle. Why BJ? Well, you’ll get the same happy feeling after our workout sessions just like... you know. :p

As a mom of two beautiful humans and a qualified pre-natal Pilates and Barre instructor, I understand that as the little ones grow, there comes some ache and pain. And let’s not forget the 4th trimester - the newborn period. It is demanding on our bodies during and after birth, so it is vital for us to look after ourselves and strengthen the muscles we need to support the journey

I love working out with Angel at Barre Junction. She is very attentive, informative and ensures I am doing the exercises correctly. She is gentle but knows how to push me to grow in my strength. It's also a lovely spot to work out - overlooking the water. Highly recommend!

Lorraine R

Angel is a positive, energetic trainer. She tailors her classes to the needs of the participants. I love how her classes are outdoors at the Connection. Such a great setting.


Angel is really good and a fun trainer. What fun we've had when training together , shes passionate about what shes doing and does it to perfection.

Kalveena N

I struggle with exercise but with Angel I want to keep doing more and she is so patient with me in correcting my technique. Plus her passion for exercise and wanting to help me inspires me to do more. I would highly recommend Barrejunction to kickstart your fitness journey.

Our Services

  • Book your free 60 minutes strategy call here

  • Getting the strength you need to support from 2nd, 3rd and 4th trimest...

    Tue, Fri

    30 min

    25 Australian dollars
  • 8 weeks group sessions to get your summer body ready


    45 min

    20 Australian dollars

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Sync with your cycle and speed up fat burn

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