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Feel good about feeling good 
Barre & Pilates 


About Barre Junction

Barre Junction started from a place of love; love for girl power, love for feeling fabulous, love for finding a bit of ME time. We offer online and in-person Barre and Mat Pilates classes for all levels. 

We are YOU, juggling all things in life and want to feel amazing about yourself. We have 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 50 minutes workout classes to fit YOUR schedule. 

We know YOU are unique. We offer 1-1 tailored programs just for YOUR cycle to achieve YOUR goals.

About Angel 

  Hi, My name is Angel. I am a mum of two beautiful and sometimes cheeky toddlers. Have been dancing all my life, I love movements and keeping myself fit. I have been looking a fun way to workout for years until I found Barre, I love it so much that I decided to become a trainer to share the love. 

My mission here is to help as many ladies feel empowered and look fabulous working with me. See you at the Barre or Mat! 


Barre Junction

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